ELA Websites:


Spelling City!  - This is a great site to practise the words for our all of our spelling units! 

Remember to check in your home-school journal for the date of your next spelling test 4J!





Big Huge Labs 

(magazine cover) 


(Word Clouds) 



Keyboarding Games!


Space Invaders Typing Challenge!


Figurative Language


Simile Song


Idioms - Everyday Idioms Made easy

The Fourteenth Goldfish

by Jennifer Holm - book trailer


Out of My Mind

by Sharon Draper - book trailer


Charisse's Story (A girl with cerebral palsy)

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (Book Trailer)


Sadako Book Trailer


24 Hour Aftermath of Hiroshima 

24 Hour Aftermath of Hiroshima (Part2)


Children's Day (Japanese Holiday)


How to Fold a Paper Crane 


Kimono Bookmarks


Sadako Sasaki Story

Grammar Skills:


Schoolhouse Rock Songs:

Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing




Verbs are Actions 


Conjunction Junction

Using Conjunctions




Subjects & Predicates



Writing a Friendly Letter - the elements of a letter in song




Medieval Times - this page has a number of links


Conway Castle Medieval Dance 





The "Schwa" Sound

The Schwa Sound - From a Speech Pathologist

Syllable Division Rules