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Social Studies

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Continent Song


The Canada Song


All About Canada - A great site for practising the location of provinces and territories along with their capital cities.  Different levels of play are available. 

Canada's Provinces & Territories - Our chant/rap to help us remember!


Canada's Provinces & Territories (2mins) - great information!


Provinces & Territories of Canada - Do you know where they are on the map?



CG Kids Map Puzzle - Try this puzzle challenge to put Canada back together! 

Canada's North


Traditional & Modern Inuitcomparison

Levels of Government(2:17min)


Canadian Government System

Famous Manitobans 

Naming the Continents 


List of Provinces & Territories Symbols

What is an Inukshuk?


Inuit Survival Skills that will Save Your Life in the Arctic


First Nations

What Can You Make from a Buffalo? - interactive activity


Uses of Buffalo 


Stories from a Buffalo Hide Painting


People of the American Great Plains (National Geographic)

Seasonal Changes due to Earth's Position 


Geographical Regions of Canada (15 mins)





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